Abdominoplasty Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, abdominoplasty is one of the signature procedures offered by Lance Everett Wyatt, M.D. As the director of the Wyatt Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Wyatt aims to provide skilled, precise results to each of his patients.

His talents are the product of an impressive background as former Clinical Fellow in Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Chief Resident in the Harvard Combined Plastic Surgery Residency Program. Dr. Wyatt’s professional accomplishments include a number of awards and six textbook chapters.


Used to create a more slender waistline, abdominoplasty, more frequently called “tummy tuck,” is an ideal procedure for those who have loose, excess skin around their midsection, stretch marks, scars from prior procedures, and lax abdominal muscles. Bulging bellies can result from a number of causes, including pregnancy/child birth, excessive weight loss or gain, and the natural aging process.

During this procedure, Dr. Wyatt performs the following surgical steps:

  • An incision is made low on the stomach and sometimes around the navel
  • Excess skin and tissue are removed from the tummy
  • The underlying abdominal muscles are tightened

Prior to your procedure, Los Angeles tummy tuck expert will explain the operation in detail, specifically describing what you can expect. If it is determined that abdominoplasty is right for you, Dr. Wyatt will be happy to perform your surgery.

We invite you to view our before and after tummy tuck photos. A leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon, the results produced at Wyatt Center for Plastic Surgery are quite impressive.

Please feel free to schedule a complimentary appointment with Los Angeles abdominoplasty expert, Dr. Wyatt, today. Our office can be reached at (310) 855-8010, or via our online consultation form.