Secondary Breast Augmentation Los Angeles

If you are seeking a secondary breast augmentation expert in Los Angeles, we recommend Lance Everett Wyatt, M.D. Director of the Wyatt Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Wyatt has the experience and skill that are sought in a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Wyatt was previously the Clinical Fellow in Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Chief Resident in the Harvard Combined Plastic Surgery Residency Program. Also the recipient of various awards and the author of six textbooks, our Los Angeles breast implant replacement surgeon possesses vast knowledge and experience.

Secondary Breast Augmentation

A top breast revision surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Wyatt is happy to help women achieve the best results possible. This is done by removing the current breast implant, and replacing it with inflatable saline implants.

Los Angeles Secondary Breast Augmentation Patient Before & After Photo.

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